Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sticker Installation 101

Here's the video I promised. I kinda went quick, but I wanted to make the file size of the video small enough to post. (and it's still 100+mb) Couple of things not on the video. Try to get the left side and the right side in the same spot, especially the vertical measurement. Nobody will ever see both sides at the same time. But I do this for a couple of reasons, one, for personal satisfaction. Two, if someone ever does check, then you know they can't call you out on it and three, it's a reflection of your work. ie: clean, straight, symmetrical , level, etc. Also, make sure you clean the surface area really good with a 50/50 mix of 70% (or 90%) rubbing alcohol and water. Use a lint-free rag or paper towels to clean the area. Try not to be outside in the wind. Ideal conditions are no humidity and 65*-70*. But that never happens. If your forced to be outside apply the stickers in the shade. And make sure the temp of the paint/surface it's getting stuck to is cool to the touch. I'd say wind is going to be your second biggest concern if outside. If it's blazing hot and the surface is blazing hot it's going to get gooey really quick. Once applied, allow 48-72 hours before washing the vehicle. This gives the stickers time to sit around in the sun and kinda bake on. After that wash and wax the stickers like you would the rest of the car. The vinyl I sent is warrantied for 7 years. So you'll be out of there long before they have any cracking, peeling or fading issues. Any questions, call me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All done with turning his first laps

Check out what Seth says at the end of the video. Priceless!

Seth on the track

Ok. What's you're seeing here is a little bit of a video trick. As you're watching this, remember, he's already done a few laps at a much slower pace. (Like you could walk faster then he was driving). So they stopped him and turned up the speed. He ran a few more, they stopped him again and turned up the speed. It actually seemed he did better going faster. Almost like it was easier for him to drive. Anyway, now you're watching his final run going a little faster. They did this for the kids that "got it" and weren't drips. Instead of posting a ton of videos of him going really slow, I figured I'd post the last one with him going faster.

What they did is disconnect the gas pedal and just increased the idle. With these beginners having never driven, they didn't want them out of control and using both pedals. They did go over with him what all the flags meant, how to step on the brake and use the switch to kill the engine. What you don't see as well is they pushed him around the track (with the engine off) to show him the line. Plus when we got there we walked the track with the Novice Instructor and he showed the kids where to go on the track to go fast.

Track facts: The track is a 1/20 of mile and made out of concrete. Some of the advanced kids can do a lap in about 4.5sec. It's the fastest Quarter Midget track in the country. And in case you were wondering....there's more injuries per year in Little League. It's $150 a year to be a member. We actually get a key to the track so we can go when ever we want. Even at night. We're more then welcome to even camp there. Once racing season starts it's on $30 a race to enter the car/driver. Check out all the details of the track at

Seth testing a quarter midget

Took Seth down to Orange Show Speedway for an Arrive & Drive in a Quarter Midget. He did really well and LOVED it. Now it's time to get start working on getting him a car and the driving gear. The next season starts right after his b-day in Feb, so guess what he's getting for Christmas and his birthday? There's even lease programs for his custom seat. So when he starts getting bigger we just pay for the seat the get modified. What's cool is the car can be used for years, all we have to do is change the engine. So when Reed & Gabba are ready to go racing we'll already have a car. 'till next time.....